A foundation
of shared values

We are dedicated to excellence and providing exceptional service to our residents, investors and employees.


At Legend Management Group, we apply our core values of People First, Create Exceptional Experiences, Embrace Change and Innovation, Balance Work and Play, and Inspire and Empower to every resident, employee and partner.

Core Values

People First
We create a culture of caring, open communication, integrity and mutual respect. We accomplish this by only hiring, training and mentoring the best people.


Create Exceptional Experiences
Every decision we make is guided by our focus on delivering exceptional experiences for our residents, employees and vendors.


Embrace Change and Innovation
We strive to be forward thinking and improve the efficiency of our team and operations. This commitment positions us for future success and growth.


Balance Work and Play
We create an environment where employees have the structure and flexibility to think big, have fun and love what they do.


Inspire and Empower
We succeed when every decision is based on a clear understanding of and belief in what we do. We inspire and empower our team to do what is right.


Legend Management Group is committed to being a responsible member of society, and taking care of those who help make our success possible. In 2017 we earned a Four Star CSR Score. The score was earned using the Everyone Can Win® CSR Score service offered by ManagInc, an independent third party. Legend Management Group is focused on employee engagement and retention, resident satisfaction and retention and giving back to society in a meaningful way.


For more information about the program, visit www.Everyone Can Win.com.